Early-stage Entrepreneurship Essentials

This group is for people who are starting, have started, or are thinking about starting something. We talk about topics that help entrepreneurs move more quickly through the early-stage and have a higher success rate.

We discuss business modeling, customer development, lean startup methodology, business experimentation, start-up strategy, innovation metrics, behavior science, and many other topics -- with the unifying philosophy that there are tools, frameworks, and practices that make this process more effective.

Your business idea could be a tech startup, a "lifestyle" business, a side hustle, or a new business line for an existing business. It could be for profit, non-profit or a B-corp. Perhaps you don't have an idea yet or maybe you have too many. The thing that we know is that if you are in the early-stage of starting something new, the tools, actions, and mind set required are very similar. And it helps to have people supporting you.

Join us for meetings that are specifically designed to change your effectiveness at making your ideas into reality.


Have you gotten the question: "What problem are you trying to solve? "

For entrepreneurs, getting the "problem" right is critical. This is why we love the "job to be done" framework. It provides a deeper look and helps to get a more accurate picture of the "problem." You will see how some startups have been able to be successful in an already saturated market and how some entrepreneurs are able to carve out their own niche. At this meeting, we will outline the Job to be Done framework so that you can start applying it immediately.


10am - Welcome and introductions

10:15a - Introduction to the stages of growth of a new business or startup, and key concepts of early-stage entrepreneur essentials.

10:45a: "Jobs to be Done" Discussion

11:45a: End of the meeting.