How to get along with anyone… yes, even that person.

You're invited to a special workshop!  

How to get along with anyone… Yes, even that person! 

A 1.5 hour workshop sharing the secrets of how to get along with anyone. Yes, even that person!  


Have you ever reached a roadblock with colleagues, clients, family or friends — and not seen a solution or way out? Is there someone in your office or at home who never seems to cooperate or make things easy for you and others? In this interactive workshop, learn practical skills to resolve and avoid difficult and time-consuming impasses. Learn how to navigate challenging conversations in a game-changing way to get immediate clarity, empowerment and results while restoring long-term confidence and trust. 


The workshop will be led by Naomi Rieger owner of Empatica Communications. Naomi will be sharing her knowledge and wisdom of Empathy. Leveraging her training and experience as a mediator, Empathy coach, and Non-Violent Communication facilitator, Naomi will teach you tangible ways to truly get along with anyone. The workshop is experiential and will teach you how to stand in your integrity, preserve your relationships, leverage business dealings, and connect deeper than you ever thought possible. You will learn how harmonious relationships weather business or otherwise are possible!  


In this workshop you'll discover...  


  • Quick and easy ways to leverage empathy so you will keep your emotions cool and be immune to criticism even when you hear things that you don't like hearing. 

  • Learn the blueprint step by step process of empathy so one may be generous with assumptions, rise above conflict, and transform all the relationships which are most important to you. 

  • Cultivate into your daily life, the strategies that will empower you, by using Power With approach instead of Power Over, that will eliminate barriers to true authentic connection. 

  • Learn the secrets of communication that you can leverage today that inspire workplace connection to meet the human needs for massive productivity that only the most influential leaders and happy, highly successful people know.  


I'll be sharing with you an ancient technique that crosses over cultures and even species, that will give you knowledge and wisdom so you have the opportunity in every encounter to be first to detect emotions and leverage that knowledge. But you have to be keenly aware and quick!  In modern day terms it's part conflict resolution, FBI, Jedi, therapist and parental skill all wrapped into one! 

Challenge your assumptions that the word "feel' is a 4 letter "F" word. Come with an open mind and ready to change your life and relationships forever.  

PS You'll also receive a special gift to celebrate your new discoveries!  


We look forward to seeing you!