Early Stage Entrepreneur Meetup

If you’ve been around the startup world at all you may have heard of an MVP—Minimum Viable Product. Some people love the idea, some people love to hate it. 

But what exactly is an MVP, and what does it mean for your business? 

What does “Viable” really mean, and why do we say “Minimum”? 

How can you use an MVP to reduce risk, build an awesome product, and launch with a dedicated group of enthusiastic early adopters? 

We’re going to talk about exactly what an MVP is, what makes it different from a prototype, and how you can apply it to your business.  


About the Speaker: Ryan Heneise 

Ryan Heneise crafts top-quality web-based software products for bootstrapped startups. He is the owner and principal developer of Booster Stage, a serial entrepreneur, and professional Ruby on Rails developer.  

Check out Ryan's Website: https://boosterstage.net