Group study of American Sign Language for homeschooled teens, parents, and other interested members (ages 12 and up, with exceptions). Orange members welcome.

We use the curriculum, which is free and entirely online. The class meets together and we all watch the instructional video together.

The most important aspect of the class occurs in the second half: review and practice of the worksheets with other students. 

The class is FREE to homeschooled students, their parents, grandparents, or any other interested party pending you contact me first. Children older than 12 may be dropped off, however, please remember we are meeting in a professional space and they need to be as respectful of the people working there. 

If you believe your child will be able to handle the class format at a younger age, you must stay in the class with your child, no exceptions.

For more information, visit the South Austin ASL Homeschool Group website