Mindfulness and Focus Workshop

OrangeU focused?

Building a business takes focus and clarity. You can be incredibly busy, and still find you haven't accomplished your goals. Wouldn't you rather work easily and effectively, with clarity and purpose?

When you have no one watching over your shoulder every day, micro-managing your schedule, it brings great freedom. And with great freedom comes great danger of getting lost in Facebook posts and an endless mountain of tasks that derail you from the work you know you need to focus in and do for your business to succeed.

This Focus Training Workshop will help entrepreneurs and other self-employed, independent people to take a look at their routines and habits. The techniques in this workshop will allow them to eliminate or minimize the amount of time and energy spent in areas that are non-productive to their goals.

People can often struggle with the incorrect path, style, or tool to get to where they are trying to go. We will discuss how "being busy" is not the same as getting somewhere and progress in the wrong direction is counter productive.

Drawing from his strong martial arts background and intensive meditation training over the years, Brad has created a technique for freeing people from a mindset that leads to stress, dis-ease, and discomfort in daily lives. Control over one's mind creates focus and allows a freedom of thought, imagination, and creativity to emerge. Focus Training is for those looking to improve their focus skills and apply them to all avenues of their life. Health to mind and body come from a mastery of one's self.

Learn how to use the techniques that smart entrepreneurs use to keep their minds sharp and their momentum strong.



Brad Tidwell LMT,CEP, MTI, Focus Trainer 

Always intrigued with the human muscular and skeletal system, Brad became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2001 at Hands on Approach Massage School in Dallas, TX. He soon realized that his passion was in Fitness, Rehabilitation, and helping all of his clients to feel better so they can live a full, pain free life and achieve health on all levels. He has achieved special training in Anatomy/Physiology, Advanced Neuromuscular Massage, Deep Tissue/Sports Massage, Personal Training, Martial Arts, Qigong, Reiki, and Vipassana Meditation.

Throughout Brad’s 16 years of working with his clients in session he has become known as “Mr. Harmonious,” and realized that he was often sharing his own tools for living a focused and harmonious life with his clients and they kept coming back for more. He wanted to inspire real change on all levels for his clients so he created NowFocusLife. 

NowFocusLife provides individualized Focus Training to assist each client in designing a life free of injuries and stress in body, mind, and spirit and promote well being for Life. His consistently genuine and humorous personality allows his clients to feel comfortable as he assists their bodies and minds in healing and helps guide them to find harmony in all things. 

OrangeU : 3rd Tuesdays
Focus on YOU: 
Personal Development for the Self-Employed

Class enrollment includes a full day pass for Orange Coworking, so you can have focused workspace to continue the work you begin in class. You can either stay the whole day after the class, or return on another day.

Discount code available for those who are already Orange Coworking members.