Melissa Bright [Mel]

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I'm a Certified Public Accountant with a BBA in accounting. After spending over eight years working for various local public accounting firms, I decided to branch off on my own in 2014. I'm a big proponent of small businesses, of entrepreneurs. I love to be able to assist business owners with their questions and problems. I love to problem solve and take shoeboxes (figurative and literal) and help produce viable and understandable information that the owner can use. I love being there at the beginning, watching them grow and learn, answering their questions and being part of their journey. I always want my clients to know that if they have a question or a concern, they can always ask me - no question is unimportant. Being a CPA is more than being a bean counter, it's about education, support and planning.
Experience wise, there isn't much I haven't dealt with tax wise. If it's something that I'm not prepared to take on, I know several other CPAs in the area that I can recommend.