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Whether you need a quick fix, or some serious pc or laptop repair, RELAX...

No technological devices have died on my hands ;-)

OK, so WHAT do I do you ask? O_o

hard drive crashes? oh no--->HULK SMASH!

OR... I come with a new one, recover your data, and

save you hundreds of dollars!

Got more emails then you know what to do with? --- I got

secrets to cutting your time on email to as little as 5 minutes a day!

◦Computer acting slow? Viruses? --->I got a software cure for

them all that can take as little as one to four hours!

◦Setup and installation of network, devices and

software applications ---> I WORK HARD & SMART!

◦Installation & repair of your Operating system ? ---> I got

Windows 7, 8, 10 Activation Keys, Microsoft Office, Max OSX

Reinstall For Mavericks thru El Capitain, and all your software

needs taken care of in one bundle !

◦Diagnostic and troubleshooting of your hardware issues ---> So you

don't pull out the HAMMER! O_O

I was born and raised near a cotton gin and Baseball field in

Lubbock County nearly all 25 yrs of my life loving family, friends,

Texas Tech, and Windy weather...ACHOO!

But lacked the support I needed to move forward. :-(

So 2012 I moved into Austin Texas to find cool people, get in shape,

and help people like you conquer technology! :-)

IN OTHER WORDS I love making friends and getting testimonials to

build my credibility. ;-)

Google me and find to your surprise that I'm on the entire

first page,with an extensive experience in Online Marketing,

Search Engine Optimization, Consulting, Personal Development,

Meetup Event organizer ( and

IT Repair (SecretSimple).

I choose to believe in networking with people like me who still

have hope regardless of their circumstances and make a stand for

integrity, truth, and all things good in helping their fellow man.

People who are willing to think outside of the box to get ahead,

innovate, invest in themselves, as well as in their health and well being.

Hopefully this describes you.

If so I naturally look forwards to connecting with you soon here at

Orange Coworking every Thursday 9am-5pm!

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