Don Osmond [The Donfather]

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Don is the Managing Partner at OzComm Marketing, whose purpose is to make a contribution to his clients by helping them successfully reach their financial objectives through supportive marketing strategies.

His passion for marketing stems from his family’s long history of being in the forefront of media attention; therefore, he spends a considerable amount of time advising his clients on simple effective tactics and processes.

Prior to founding OzComm in 2009, Don worked in New York City and Salt Lake City guiding PR/marketing teams through various campaigns; these included rebranding, product launches, and IPOs, along with various marketing initiatives.

He received an MBA from The University of California, Irvine, and a BA of Communications from Brigham Young University, Provo.

Don sits on the board of The Center for American Military Music Opportunities, as well as a variety of small businesses. He is an advocate for entrepreneurialism, and enjoys collaborating with new business owners.

Don resides in Austin, Texas with his wife, Jessi, and their two children, Truman and Leo.

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